RemoteXs Bookmarklet

RemoteXs Bookmarklet gives you access to resources licensed/subscribed by National Law University Delhi even when you're not coming from National Law University Delhi IP address. This Bookmarklet ONLY works with resources the National Law University Delhi has licensed and configured to work with our National Law University Delhi server. We recognize that links to books, articles and journals come from a variety of different sources (like Google,Bing, RSS Reader etc.) , and hence this is where the RemoteXs Bookmarklet can be used to access the licensed content with just a click.

Screenshot of RemoteXs Bookmarklet in the Bookmarks Bar

When added/installed, it will look like your browser bookmark. At the page you would like to proxy, click the "Access via RemoteXs" to invoke it. If National Law University Delhi licenses that content, you'll get access as if you were on campus.

If you're not authenticated, you'll be prompted to login with your Login credentials.

If invoked on a resource we do not license and/or have not yet configured on the National Law University Delhi 's RemoteXs server, you will see an error message:

  1. You have attempted to access a resource for which you do not have the proper authorization or which is not available from your location..
  2. We make no attempt to configure our National Law University Delhi RemoteXs server for every resource, only those we license and for which the National Law University Delhi IP address grants access.

Some databases may not work as Publisher Approval is under Process

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